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CareerAI is an AI assistant that helps you get hired and promoted faster. Job search without stress and position yourself for your next promotion like a pro with our AI-powered tools.

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The future of personal career management is here

Track your applications, customize your resume, write cover letters, prepare for your interviews, and build a successful career with your own personal AI assistant.

AI Resume Builder

Create the perfect resume for each job in one click. Stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of hiring managers.

AI Cover Letter Builder

Create persuasive, tailored cover letters that captivate recruiters and position you as the ideal candidate for any job.

AI Fit Assessment

Take the guesswork out of applying for a job. Get a clear understanding of how well your profile matches the job description.

AI Applications Tracker

Bid farewell to tedious manual data entry and say hello to a seamless and efficient job application process.

AI Interview Coach

Get the information you need to present yourself as a well-prepared and knowledgeable candidate in any interview.

AI Promotion Coach

Track all your accomplishments and career progress and get personalized advice on how to get promoted and advance your career (coming soon).

How it works

Supercharge your job search with AI

Give our AI your current resume and the role you want to apply for, and it will generate custom application materials in seconds

Provide a job description

Provide the link, and our AI Assistant will automatically navigate to the webpage, and extract the job description. Alternatively, you can copy/paste the job description or use the browser extension to save jobs while you browse the web.


Upload a current resume/CV

If this is your first application, upload your resume to automatically update your profile or manually add your education, experience, and accomplishments. You only need to do this once.


Generate quality application materials

CareerAI uses your profile details and the job description to create a customized resume to highlight your strengths and a tailored cover letter to captivate recruiters and position you as the ideal candidate for the job.


Take your career to the next level with CareerAI.

Get access to all the tools you need to land the job you deserve.



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