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With CareerAI's applications tracker, bid farewell to tedious manual data entry and say hello to a seamless and efficient job search and application process.

How it works

Save time and effort with our AI-powered application tracker


Easily add jobs to your tracker

Simply paste the URL of the job listing you're interested in, and our AI Assistant will take care of the rest. It will automatically navigate to the webpage, extract the job description, and identify key details like job title, salary, location, and more. Or even better use our Browser extension to save jobs while browsing the web. You also have access to a basic job search within CareerAI to find jobs even faster.


Get job details and insights

Once the AI extracts all key information, you'll receive a concise and organized summary of the role. No more digging through lengthy job descriptions or missing out on crucial details – our AI Assistant presents the key information at a glance.


    Track your progress

    Keep track of the current status of each job application, including the date you applied, the date of your interview, and the date you received an offer. You can also add your own notes to each job application to keep track of your progress.


    Keep all your application materials in one place

    Keep the job overview, a link to the original job listing, your customized resume, your cover letter and your notes all in one place.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      You can track as many jobs as you want. There is no limit on the number of jobs you can track.

      Yes, you can track jobs from any website. Simply provide a link to the job or copy/paste the job description or use our browser extension to save jobs while you browse the web.

      Yes, you can add your own notes to a job application. Starting from the date you applied to the date you received an offer, you can keep track of your progress and add your own notes at each step.

      Yes, you can keep track of interviews. You can add the date of your interview and the type of interview (phone, video, in-person, etc.) and your interview notes to each job application.

      Yes, you can keep track of offers. You can add the date you received an offer and the offer details to each job application.

      Yes, you can keep track of your job search progress. Know exactly how many jobs you've applied to, how many interviews you've had, and how many offers you've received at a glance.
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